Here at CI Compressors, we carry a large selection of air compressors to ensure that you can find the model that will meet your needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of our air compressors that are intended to be durable and long-lasting. Our energy efficient air compressors can significantly help to reduce your operating expenses and ensure that you are able to obtain a superior air compressor to meet all of your requirements


Tank Mounted / Belt Driven

Reliability is vital when it becomes necessary to obtain a rotary air compressor for auto repair, manufacturing, mining, or many other types of businesses. A high-quality air compressor will remain in the best condition for longer, which can reduce maintenance expenses without compromising the quality of the product. Our tank mounted air compressors that implement a belt driven system are often superior for individual use, as they can reduce energy costs while minimizing the required maintenance.


Base Mounted / Belt Driven

Our KRSB air compressors come in various machines that range from 10 HP to 50 HP in power. These machines are base mounted with a belt driven system that is designed to provide reliable performance, while maintaining economical operation. These air compressors are great options for industrial applications. KRSB air compressors are designed to provide superior performance while simultaneously reducing overall energy expenses. Minimized maintenance requirements can help to keep the operating costs down over time.


Base Mounted / Direct Driven

Air compressors can significantly improve the operational efficiency of a business. KRSD air compressors are base mounted and direct driven, which can make them a great option for industrial use. By using a direct driven design, these air compressors eliminate the loss of energy that occurs when energy must be transferred from one source to another. The motor is directly attached to the compressor, which helps to ensure that the system operates as efficiently as possible.


Base Mounted / Direct Driven

The direct drive air compressors from the KRSP series help to combine both utility and economy, which can go a long way toward improving the operation of your business. The many units range in size, including models from 20 HP to 500 HP. The ideal machine will depend primarily on the intended application for the air compressor. Each of the air compressors in the KRSP series include a single-stage, rotary screw design to optimize their functionality.


Base Mounted / Belt Driven

KRSP2 air compressors contain many of the same features as their KRSP alternatives. The main difference between these systems is that the KRSP2 design uses a two-stage rotary air compressor. The two-stage system compresses the air twice, which provides more power that ensures that it will meet a large selection of industrial purposes. These machines are created to provide efficiency and reliability, ensuring that your machine continues to operate effectively while reducing your overall operating expenses.



KRST 5 – 30 HP

KRSD 15 – 200 HP

KRSB 5 – 50 HP



“I had not heard of Kaishan USA before, so I was a little hesitant in requesting a quote from CIC. After receiving quotes from other compressor companies in the Denver area, I realized those compressors were not going to fit in my budget. I decided to give CIC a chance to quote, and I am so glad I did. I went to CIC’s shop and looked at a compressor they had on hand. I was very surprised to see the name brand motor (Weg) and electronics (Eaton, Siemens) in this compressor. I was impressed with the design, and with how quiet the compressor was while running. I must admit that while I was impressed, I was still skeptical about the Kaishan brand, until I learned about the warranty. It was as good or better than the other brands that were quoted to me. The compressor I needed was 20% less expensive than the other quotes I had received. I ordered the compressor that day and took delivery within two weeks. A CIC technician came in and finished the installation and was very professional. I have had the compressor for several months now and I am impressed. I would highly recommend CIC and Kaishan to anyone.”


“Kaishan USA was new to me. After receiving quotes from other manufacturer’s, the thing that caught my eye in CIC’s quote was the price and the lifetime warranty. I ordered the compressor, and it has been great. It is quiet, built well, and produces the air it was advertised to produce. CIC has been great to work with as I have had questions and needed service. I will use CIC and Kaishan in the future.”


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